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What is a pulse oximeter and what it does

Have you ever heard of a pulse oximeter? A pulse oximeter is a small device that measures the oxygen saturation of your blood. You might have noticed that it has been in the conversations on your social feed or news feed since the start of COVID-19. If you have hypoxemia or a heart/lung condition, you might already have one and using it regularly to monitor your condition at home.

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Risk Factors and Causes of Hypertension

High blood Pressure is an asymptomatic condition that is detrimental to cardiac health. The most common type of hypertension affecting most adults is primary hypertension, also known as essential hypertension. It is hypertension without an identifiable cause.  

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Checking Your Blood Pressure Numbers

High Blood Pressure is the number 1 contributing risk factor for strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications that leads to death. “In Singapore, 1 in 4 people aged 30 – 69 has high blood pressure, while 17 people die from heart disease and stroke everyday” -  Mount Elizabeth Hospitals The good news is high blood pressure is a health condition that is preventable with hard work. Therefore, we need to have our blood pressure numbers checked regularly so that it if it occurs, it can be detected early and prevented at the early stage.

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