Aluminium Ramp
Aluminium Ramp Side Profile
Adjustable Legs and Anti-slip Rubber Stoppers on Legs
Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers on Ramp and High Quality Aluminium Alloy

BION Aluminium Ramp


Regular price $150.00

BION Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp is sturdy piece of metal for wheelchairs or other mobility devices to cross over humps or mini steps like those in older HDB flats. It is heavy and solid to ensure maximum reliability as it supports the weight of the vehicle.


  • Adjustable Legs
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers (Legs)
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers (Ramp)
  • High Quality Aluminium Alloy


  • Length of Ramp: 76cm
  • Width of Ramp: 21cm
  • Length of legs: 3.5cm and 5.5cm