Bion, Comfy Wheelchair, 4G
Folded View
Front View
Side View
Back View
Attendant Brake , PU Armrest
Durable Canvas Upholstery & Foldable Backrest
Safety Belt & high Quality Castors
Anti-tipper & User Brakes
Tyres and Hand Rims
Tension Backrest , Removable Seat cover
Adjustable Footrests with Ankle Straps
Carrying Handle & Back Pouch

Bion, Comfy Wheelchair, 4G


Regular price $379.00 Sale price $341.10

BION Comfy Wheelchair 4G is part of our Compact Series. With foldable footrest and backrest, the unit can be further compact into a more portable form. In addition to being compact, this unit has tension back with seat cushions to improve comfort, making it a luxury portable wheelchair.


  • PU Armrest
  • User Brakes
  • Back Pouch
  • Carrying Handle
  • Attendant Brakes
  • Tension Backrest
  • Foldable Backrest
  • Solid Rubber Tyres
  • Grooved Hand Rims
  • High Quality Castors
  • Removable Seat Cover
  • Durable Canvas Upholstery
  • A Quality Singapore Product
  • Adjustable Footrests with Ankle Straps