BION Foldable Walking Stick
Ergonomic Handle with Slim Steel Neck and Wrist Sling
Flexible Shaft Joints and Walking Stick Holder
Anti-slip Rubber Stopper and Height Adjustable Shaft

BION Foldable Walking Stick


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BION Foldable Walking Stick is a basic foldable walking stick that snaps quickly into place. It is height adjustable to suit people of different height, has a wrist string to prevent the stick from falling onto the floor, and a slim steel neck for stability.


  • Ergonomic handle with slim steel neck
  • Wrist string
  • Walking stick holder
  • Flexible shaft joints
  • Anti-slip rubber stopper
  • Height Adjustable Shaft


  • Height: 83 - 93cm
  • Net Weight: 0.40kg