BION Heatlax Heating Pad, GB100
BION Heatlax Heating Pad, GB100
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BION Heatlax Heating Pad, GB100
BION Heatlax Heating Pad, GB100

BION Heatlax Heating Pad, GB100

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BION Heatlax heating pad is all you need after a long day of work, it just might save you from spending large amount of money for medical inspection. With Heatlax, you can enjoy being aching free with the warm and comfortable heat against your skin as you relax on the comfortable fabric and let the heat do all the work for you. Heatlax can improve blood circulation better than normal with the 3 in 1 feature.


  • Digital Display
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Distributed Heat
  • Cozy Fabric Cover
  • Universal 3 Pin Plug
  • Overheat Protection
  • Up To 40" Waist Line
  • 90 Minutes Auto-Off
  • 6 Temperature Setting
  • Improving Blood Circulation
  • Quick Heat-Up (Up to 65 Degrees Celsius)

How BION Heatlax Heating Pad works

Heating pad works by its insulated wire (heating pad PVC) that is inserted into the cosy fabric that heats when it is plugged into an electric source. The heating pad PVC is a temperature control unit that manages the amount of electric current entering the heat elements of the heating pad. Learn more about Heating Pad

Heating Pad not heating up?

Does it mean that the heating pad is faulty? While we cannot assure you that everything will always work perfectly, we can help you understand a bit more about how it works. Learn more about Heating Pad


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