Shower Chair 001
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Product Specifications
Height Adjustable Legs and Anti-slip Rubber Stoppers
Waterproof Backrest, Backrest Handle and Unique Seat Design for Cleaning Inner Thighs

BION Shower Chair 001 (CLEARANCE)

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BION Shower Chair 001 is our basic shower chair. It's legs are angled with anti-slip rubber for stability, and is height adjustable to suit different user's stature.


  • Backrest Handle
  • Waterproof Backrest
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • Anti-slip Rubber Stoppers
  • Unique Seat Design For Cleaning Inner Thighs


Seat Width 16¼" (41cm)
Seat Depth 15" (38cm)
Seat Height

13¾"-18¼"              (35cm-46cm)

Backrest Height (From Seat) 15" (38cm)
Distance between Armrests Nil
Overall Width 19" (48cm)
Overall Height

29"-32¾"               (73.5cm-83.5cm)

Overall Length 21" (53.5cm)
Net Weight 3kg
Weight Capacity 90kg
Frame Material Aluminium
Armrests No

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