BION Commode Chair 306
Side View
Front View
Back View
Seat Cushion with cover
Attendant Handles and Waterproof Armrests
Waterproof Backrest and Backrest Handle
Removable Bucket and Removable Seat
Height -adjustable Removable Armrests and Sturdy Footplate
4 Omni-Directional Casters with Brakes and Front Anti-Tippers

BION Commode 306

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BION Commode Chair 306 is designed for patients who require more assistance. The commode chair allows for easy transport with 4 omni-directional castors,and easy transfers with detachable armrests and flip-up footplates. The chair can also be placed on top of toilet bowls.


  • Cushioned Seat
  • Removable Seat
  • Flip-Up Footplate
  • Plastic Backrests
  • Backrest Handle
  • Front Anti-Tippers
  • Removable Bucket
  • Adjustable Handles
  • High Quality Castors
  • 4 Omni-Directional Castors With Brakes
  • Height Adjustable Removable Armrests


Overall Width (Open) 22¾" / 58cm
Overall Height 38½" / 97.5cm
Overall Length 32¼" / 82cm
Distance between Armrest to Armrest 18½" / 47cm
Seat Width 15¾" / 40cm
Seat Depth 16½" / 42cm
Seat Height 21¼" / 54cm
Backrest Height 14¼" / 36cm
Clearance for Toilet Bowl 17" / 43cm
Net Weight 9.5kg
Weight Capacity 100kg
Wheels Diameter 4"
Frame Material Aluminium
Foldable Frame No
Seat Cover Yes
Toilet Bowl Friendly Yes
Rear Anti-Tipper No
Front Anti-tipper Yes
Back Lift No
Safety Belt Optional

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