Wheelchair Diagonal Profile
Wheelchair Specification Sheets
Wheelchair with Parts Labelled
Wheelchair Folded Profile
Wheelchair Side Profile
Wheelchair Front Profile
Wheelchair Back Profile
High Quality Solid PU Tyres and Grooved Hand Rims
Attendant Brakes and User Brakes with Replaceable Brake Pads
High Quality Castors and Protective Side Panels
Calf Strap and Flip-up Footrests
Rear Pouch and Cushioned Armrests
Foldable Backrest and Carrying Handles
Safety Belt and Canvas Upholstery

FOR RENT: BION Comfy Wheelchair 3G


Regular price $3.00

Delivery+Collection fee: $50

Deposit (Refundable): $50


Due to the coronavirus incident, we will be stopping store pick-ups for our online purchases and rental. All rental purchases will be automatically added with Delivery and Collection. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

*For deliveries, please help us by leaving a Singapore contact number to ensure smoother deliveries. Thank you very much

Rental Extension


  • Lightweight and Compact
  • For Urban Travelling


Rental Information

  • $50 Refundable Deposit
  • Min. Rental Period: 4 Days
  • Self-Collect Location (If Applicable):
    35 Pioneer Road North, #02-03
    (PCI Building)
    Singapore 628475
    Opening Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5.30PM
    Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Other Information

  • Rental bookings need to be 3 days in advance before the start date.
    For urgent SELF PICKUP:
    Call 6451 4116 (AMK Store)
    For urgent DELIVERY on weekends:
    Call 9386 2366 (Mr. Wong) **Please note delivery fees for urgent delivery is $35 - $50 per trip, depending on location**