BION Shower Chair with Armrests 004
Shower Chair Specifications
Shower Chair Side Profile
Shower Chair Front Profile
Shower Chair Back Profile
Waterproof Backrest and Backrest Handle
Removable Cushioned Handles and Waterproof Seat
Height Adjustable Legs and Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers

BION Shower Chair with Armrests 004


Regular price $119.00

BION Shower Chair with Armrests 004 is designed for bathrooms without access to grab bars. The side handles form an additional support for the users to lift themselves after their bath, encouraging independence. The handles are also removable for easier storage or transfers if necessary.


  • Waterproof backrest
  • Backrest handle
  • Removable cushioned handle
  • Waterproof seat
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Anti-slip rubber stoppers


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