TENA Value Adult Diapers

TENA Value Adult Diapers

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Features and Benefits

  • Skin Soothing Layer Topsheet: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts, Vitamin E
  • Dry Fast Core with Super Absorbent Polymers to provide excellent urine retention and ensure excellent surface dryness.
  • Anti Leakage Barrier provides maximum containment of urine and faecal and provide leakage effectively.
  • Refastening Frontal Patch allows repeated adjustments of tape tabs for comfortable fitting and wear.
  • Wetness Indicator color fades as the diaper gets wet. Recommended to do diaper change when 2/3 wetness indicator faded.
  • Body Shape Design follows the body's contours for a snug fit and provides greater user comfort and also leakage protection.

M Size (waistline 32"-44")
L Size (waistline 45"-58")

TENA Value M (12 pcs/bag)
TENA Value L (10 pcs/bag)

(8 bags/carton)