Walking Stick w Flexyfoot
Ergonomic Handle and Wrist Sling
Anti-slip Flexyfoot Rubber Stopper and Height Adjustable Shaft

Walking Stick w Flexyfoot

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Using walking aids can often be extremely uncomfortable and at times unreliable. Many people find themselves in a position where in order to get about, they have no choice but to embrace aided walking. Now though, with Flexyfoot, it no longer needs to be unsafe or painful.

Benefits of Flexyfoot

With traditional walking aids, tackling uneven ground is a frightening experience; there’s the fear of falling but by switching to Flexyfoot, you can confidently enjoy a more stable walking experience. Flexyfoot’s patented design works like the suspension system on a 4×4. The flexible bellows absorb shock each time your stick touches the ground so your step is completely cushioned.

Flexyfoot provides improved grip and stability on all terrains, particularly slippery and uneven surfaces. Even better than that, the tread of the ferrule can independently rotate through 360°, so full ground contact is still maintained if you have to twist or turn around. The flexible bellows mean your stick will work at any angle while the Flexyfoot rubber tip is always in full contact with the floor.


  • Length : 13 cm
  • Width   : 4 cm
  • Height Adjustable (Min - Max) : 76 cm - 99 cm