5 Practical Gifting Ideas for Mother’s and Father’s Day

Searching for gifting ideas? Help yours out with one of these practical gifts which your boomer dad or retiree mum has no clue that they need.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is just around the corner! Here are 5 practical gift ideas you can consider.

1. BION Heatlax Heating Pad, GB100

With BION Heatlax Heating Pad your Dad or Mum can enjoy being aching free after a long day work! The Quick Heat-Up technology is designed to improve blood circulation and it can be used on multiple areas of their body.

Worry that your forgetful Mum would slip her mind and forget to off the Heating Pad? Fret not! The high-quality heating pad comes with a 90-minute auto-off feature and overheating protection. 100% comfortable and safe to use.

2. BION Pedal Exerciser Foldable Blue / Pedometer

Contemplating on how to help your elderly parents break out of the sedentary lifestyle and yet finding most physical activities too strenuous for them? Consider getting them a BION Pedal Exerciser Foldable that comes with a Pedometer! The compact, foldable design of the exerciser is convenient and easy to use, allowing your elderly parents to exercise their legs while doing other activities.

3. Rossmax Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor X5, w Bluetooth App

Get your parents a Rossmax Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor X5, w Bluetooth App as a gift to help them combat high blood pressure and prevent health complications. Rossmax Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors are clinically validated and designed with “PARR” Pulse Arrhythmia Technology.

What’s “PARR” Pulse Arrhythmia Technology?

Rossmax’s PARR technology detects arrhythmia during regular blood pressure checks without any additional user skills, user interaction and measurement prolongation. It allows users to prevent risk of cardio disease and stroke by early detection of atrial fibrillation, premature contraction, tachycardia, and bradycardia.

4. BION Finger Pulse Oximeter, P100

If your parent’s health and well-being is your no.1 priority, you could also consider getting your parent a BION Pulse Oximeter.The minimalistically designed electronic device is useful to measure the heart rate and arterial oxygen saturation in his or her blood cells. Perfectly useful to assess the lung health of your parents. 

5. DRIVE Spitfire Scout Mobility Scooter


If your parent is wheelchair-bound or has weak legs, consider getting him or her a DRIVE Spitfire Scout Mobility Scooter. Convenient and suitable for neighbourhood use, the motorised scooter is a safe, efficient mode of transportation that allows your elderly parent to manoeuvre around tight spaces. Perfectly suitable for that active elderly parent of yours who loves to drop around the neighbourhood, travel around to chit chat with neighbours.

To wrap up...

Gift-giving should be a thoughtful expression of your gratefulness towards your parents. What is more important than their health and well-being? I hope these 5 practical gifting ideas could inspire and ease your frustrations on coming up with great gifts for them. 

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