BION Geriatric Chair, Manual, Adjustable Height, Lite
Geriatric Chair with Parts Labelled
Front View
Side View
Back View
Cushioned Backrest and Cushioned Armrest
Side Storage of Table And Blow Molded Table
Adjustable Seat Depth and Height Adjustable Foot

BION Geriatric Chair, Manual, Adjustable Height, Lite

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BION Geriatric Chair Lite provides a light alternative and more comfortable sitting posture. With a luxurious amount of cushion that provides ample support to the spine and the neck. Also great for clinical environment such as dialysis and chemotherapy.


  • Blow Molded Table
  • Side Storage Of Table
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Height Adjustable Foot
  • Cushioned Backrest And Armrest


Overall Width  25½" (65cm)
Overall Height  40½"-45¾" (103cm-116cm)
Overall Length  25½" (65cm)
Distance between Armrests  19" (48cm)
Seat Width  19" (48cm)
Seat Depth  19¼"-21¾" (49cm-55cm)
Seat Height  14½"-19¼" (37cm-49cm)
Backrest Height (From Seat)  27¼" (69cm)
Reclining Angle  N/A
Headrest  Flat
Meal Tray Blow Molded
Footrest N/A
Front Wheel Diameter  N/A
Rear Wheel Diameter  N/A
Weight Capacity  120kg
Armrests  Fixed, Waterproof, Padded
Frame Material  Non-toxic Epoxy Coating Steel
Upholstery Material  Fire Retardant
Safety Belt  Optional

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