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Rossmax Pressure Relief Mattress AM40


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Rossmax Air Mattress pumps air in an alternating fashion, great for patients who stays in bed for an extended period of time. It is intended to help and reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers while optimizing patient comfort, long term care of patients suffering from pressure ulcers stage 2 - 4. The 2 to 1 alternating inflation method is inflating ½ of the cells and deflating the other ½.


  • Cell Mattress
  • High Quality Pump
  • Near Silent Low Noise
  • 12 Minutes Cycling Time
  • 2 to 1 Alternating Therapy
  • Comfortable Nylon Mattress
  • Adjustable Hangers For Most Bed Types
  • Weight Indicator Pressure Adjustment Setting
  • For Treatment Of Patients At Medium To High Risk Of Pressure Ulcers 


  • Cycle time: 12 mins
  • Weight Capacity :135 kg
  • Mattress Weight :4.5 kg
  • Mattress Dimension (LxWxH): 79"×33.86"×3.74" (200×86×9.5 cm)
  • AC power source: AC 230V/50Hz or AC 220V/60Hz or AC 110V/60Hz