BION Axillary Crutches
Foam Underarm Support and Foam Grip Bars
Height Adjustable Shafts and Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers

BION Axillary Crutches

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BION Axillary Crutches are a basic set of crutches for patients with leg injuries but require a certain level of mobility and physical activity.


  • Foam Grip Bars
  • Foam Underarm Supports
  • Height Adjustable Shafts
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers
  • Aluminium Frame Material


Length x Width x Height (Max. Height)

  • S: 20cm x 4cm x 95cm (Max. 115cm)
  • M: 20cm x 4cm x 115cm (Max. 135cm)
  • L: 20cm x 4cm x 135cm (Max. 155cm)

    Recommended Sizing Chart

    Sizes Patient Height
    S 137cm - 157.50cm
    M 157.50cm - 177.80cm
    L 177.80cm - 198.12 cm

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