BION Seat Cushion Gel
Front View
Back View
Cushion without Cover
Contoured Seat Cushion, Seat Strap and Removable Seat Cover
Elastic Seat Cover (Top) and Waterproof Seat Cover (Bottom)

BION Seat Cushion Gel

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BION Seat Cushion (Gel) is a wheelchair seat cushion made of gel. Wheelchair cushions are good for spinal support, especially for users who sits in wheelchairs for a prolonged period of time. Gel cushions are generally more durable and cooling compared to other conventional wheelchair cushions


  • Seat Strap
  • Elastic Seat Cover
  • Removable Seat Cover
  • Waterproof Seat Cover
  • Contoured Seat Cushions


  • Length: 17"
  • Width : 17"
  • Height : 2.5"

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