BION iLight Detachable Wheelchair
Wheelchair Folded Profile
Wheelchair Side Profile
Wheelchair Front Profile
Wheelchair Back Profile
BION iLight Detachable Wheelchair
High Quality Solid PU Tyres and Grooved Hand Rims
Attendant Brakes and User Brakes with Replaceable Brake Pads
Foldable Backrest and Cushioned Armrest
Flip-up Armrests and Carrying Handles
Safety Belt and Ventilated Upholstery
Removable Seat Cover and Removable Backrest Cover
Rear Pouch and Detachable Footrest
High Quality Castors and Calf Strap, Height Adjustable Footplate

BION iLight Detachable Wheelchair


Regular price $460.00

BION iLight Detachable Wheelchair is part of our Full-Featured Series; designed for patients. Flip-up armrests and removable leg rests allows easy patient transfer from bed to wheelchair. Removable cushion are easy to change and machine wash. Anti-tippers prevents the pushchair to tip backwards when travelling up-slope.


  • Safety belt
  • User brakes
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Carrying handles
  • Attendant brakes
  • Foldable backrests
  • Cushioned armrests
  • High quality casters
  • Ventilated Upholstery
  • High quality solid PU tires
  • Removable seat/back cushion



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